Month: October 2019

  • [Code Simplicity] Equation of Software Design

    [Code Simplicity] Equation of Software Design

    Disclaimer: This is my attempt to read the book Code Simplicity, I am not the author of these ideas, only an interpreter The fundamental problem in software design is the question: How do I make decisions about my software ? More specifically, faced with multiple possibilities, we must decide on a course of action. That […]

  • [Crucial Conversations] Get back to the Brain

    [Crucial Conversations] Get back to the Brain

    Start with the Heart, then make your Brain think about multiple constaints

  • [Code Simplicity] Software Design

    [Code Simplicity] Software Design

    Code Simplicity – The Fundamentals of Software What is a computer program ? A computer program can be viewed as: A set of instructions given by the programmer to the computer. A set of actions observed by the users that the computer produces as the result of the given instructions Both definitions are correct and […]

  • [Crucial Conversations] Start With The Heart

    [Crucial Conversations] Start With The Heart

    So we all know that, in order to handle crucial conversations, we should focus on having a dialogue. But the question is how ? The first advice the book gives is: Start with the Heart. When I first read this advice, it seems generic. What heart ? Whose heart ? Doesn’t sound informative. We are […]

  • [Crucial Conversations] Dialogues and Shared Pool of Meaning

    [Crucial Conversations] Dialogues and Shared Pool of Meaning

    Crucial Conversations & Shared Pool of Meaning

  • [Crucial Conversations] People often attribute break-ups to differences of opinions

    I am reading Kerry Patterson et. al’s book called Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High . This will be a series of notes on this book where I jot down my thoughts. Crucial conversation is defined as a conversation where: opinions vary Stakes are high Emotions run strongly Most couples, when asked […]

  • Clean Architecture

    Lately I have been involved with a new project whose output is a cross-platform mobile application. I choose Flutter as the framework, and consequently Dart as the front-end language. However, around this time I saw this awesome [series] about Flutter TDD Clean Architecture. It is a a really well-constructed course in my opinion. I have […]