Quarantine Diary – Fifth Day, August 4th, 2021: Trying to work and fail yesterday, People at work seem to think I’ll be out of contact for a while

This is the fifth day of my quarantine. I should have started journaling sooner, but for the past few days, I was still in the mindset of wishing some miracles do happen such that I get to go home today. Naturally, that meant I’d better not start any routine that might not last.

Trying to work and fail yesterday

I’ve finally decided to re-read HakoMari – my favorite Japanese light novels, and perhaps also my favorite among all novels in general. I lost track of the number of times I have re-read it over the years, but I know for sure that I haven’t done so this year, so this would be an interesting pastime. Of course, I only thought of such past time only after exhausting lying around, thinking about random things, and trying to work. Although, this very writing means that these random thoughts may not have been exhausted.

After trying to work yesterday, I came to the conclusion that the current situation isn’t optimal for work. The 4G internet connection is too low and unstable, reducing the willingness to search for information and feedback, as well as leaving no possibility for online meetings. Without fast feedback and information, work becomes very tiring. Without meetings in which you can interact in real-time with other people, difficult work just cannot be done. My work as a product manager requires collaboration, so the lack of it is, to say the least, discouraging. Of course, you can say that it’s a symptom of nowadays youngsters not being able to survive without the internet, and I would concur, although I think there’s nothing wrong with requiring the internet to work. Another factor that prevents effective work is lightning, it’s too goddamn bright in this room that my mind often goes blank, though I suspect this is only a temporary blockage.

I guess you can be clever and flip it to declare that this quarantine time is perfect for deep work. That’s certainly an interesting thought and one that I had entertained, but reality showed me that merely having the time to think didn’t contribute much to the output. One also needs adequate resources to facilitate such deep work.

Another reason that I couldn’t work as effectively as I wanted is a psychological one. I had already recovered even before they put me into the facility, so I am frustrated that a healthy young man is being kept here against his own will. Hopefully, in another 2 days, they’ll test me again and let me go home.

The government needs to be more flexible in my estimation. Who locks people in a facility after they had already recovered from the illness? Not to bash the government’s genuine efforts to contain and control the pandemic, but there should be a system in place that tests and releases people regularly. Cadence, people, cadence! Don’t the government know anything about product management at all? (Of course, they don’t). Another person who really needs to be quarantined could have been here in this room instead of me. I feel like a waste of space.

People at work seem to think I’ll be out of contact for a while

Back to work, a funny thing is that everyone seems to think that I will be out of contact for a while. I guess it makes sense considering that last week I already told everyone that I had family business to take care of so I did not attend any meeting for the whole week. This week I also won’t attend any meetings because the 4G is not strong enough. The more senior members started to talk about what the team would do if they lose contact with me, which is a bit too farsighted, in my opinion. Well, not that I don’t understand their worries, they have a company to run, so risks must be evaluated and contingencies must be made.

lus, to those who haven’t caught Covid yet, the information exposed to them usually features people dying or dangerous complications, it follows that people have an impression that Covid has a high mortality rate. I think that’s true only for the more senior members of the society, but I can see how that impression may be generalized across the population. But, I try to work whenever I can, it’s just that I can’t attend meetings.

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