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  • Demystifying CI/CD, and a simple economic concept that enables Continuous Delivery

    We often hear the term CI/CD getting tossed around in conversations, particularly in the software world. It has become such a buzzword, like AI and Machine Learning, that our mind becomes saturated. As a result, we unconsciously (or consciously) don’t even bother elaborating the term. Continuous Integration Continuous Integration helps reduce risks By reducing the […]

  • Why I built Another Writing Application

    Another Writing Application Updated: Sometimes the backend is turned off automatically, I check in frequently to make sure it’s up. If you’re not able to put your writing references into the application leave a comment and I’ll check the backend. If you’re concerned with data privacy, use the application locally, please visit its Github repository. […]

  • Revisiting the Visitor Pattern to design resilient software library

    Revisiting the Visitor Pattern to design resilient software library

    The visitor pattern is a behavior design pattern, which means it presents a scheme for objects to work together towards solving a problem. The problem the visitor pattern solves is to add functionalities to a class hierarchy without having to modify every class. We will examine this pattern in the context of designing software library. […]

  • Concurrency control

    Serializability, Precedence Graph, Locking, Logging.